10 comments on “A Whole (Beautiful, Crisp, Clear) DVD of Minoo Mumtaz!

  1. This sounds a must-download! I like Minoo Mumtaz a lot – she has a vivacity and sparkle to her that makes her so easy to like. She even managed to lend a little joy to a depressing film like Kaagaz ke Phool, though of course part of that must also be credited to Johnny Walker.

    My personal favourites (besides the first five songs on that songs menu) are Thodi der ke liye mere ho jaao from Akeli mat jaiyo (awful film, fabulous songs) and Sabaa se yeh keh do from Bank Manager. The latter is unusual for Minoo Mumtaz: it’s a slow, gentle ghazal, very beautiful and quiet. I’ve been trying to get hold of the film, but will probably have to content myself with watching a grainy and terrible video of the song on youtube:

  2. Hi, Dustedoff. Glad you appreciate Minoo Mumtaz too. Of course, she also added a fun moment to Sahibi Bib Aur Ghulam (with the first dance in Tom’s comp). And I found that movie to be even more depressing than Kagaaz Ke Phool, although – or maybe because – it’s a better film. I’ve seen the Bank Manager song before, and I do like that one a lot.

    By the way, since we were talking about Agha not too long ago, I like the song/dance that Minoo Mumtaz did with Agha (and Mohammed Rafi) in Payal. This was also a Tom-coded video (Tom may have been suspended for good from YouTube, but some of his videos still find a home on my site ;)… Unfortuately, this one didn’t make the compilaton, but I think it’s great fun:

  3. dustedoff,
    Thank you for your interest. As perhaps you noticed, the Akeli Mat Jaiyo song is in the collection as number 20, and I fully agree with your high regard for it (read what I have to say about it in the included MinooMumtaz.pdf file), although I disagree with your opinion of the movie itself. There were several songs that I would like to have included but couldn’t because the movies either weren’t available or weren’t available in any sort of decent quality. As far as I know, for example, Bank Manager has never been released on DVD. The song in Kagaaz Ke Phool, although on my ‘short list’, didn’t make the grade because it’s really more Johnny’s song than Minoo’s. However, thanks partly to your recent post on Johnny Walker, he’ll be the subject of my next collection and that song is already pencilled in to be included.

    If you’re not an experienced downloader, be sure to get the Instructions.pdf file included among all the files to which Richard linked earlier. It explains the process.

  4. Hi, Tom. Nice to see you in the comments section! :)

    I fixed your italics.

    To Tom and everyone else: The italicization tag for this place consists of “em” and “/em” surrounded by triangular brackets. (I think that’s what you call them. I can’t type them out because they might disappear. :)

  5. Tom: How did I miss seeing Thodi der ke liye mere ho jaao in the songs menu? Ouch. Lovely song, and Minoo Mumtaz sizzles! My main problem with the film was that I thought it was too incoherent – as I mentioned in my review, I don’t mind farce at all, but this one seemed as if it hadn’t been meant to be farce.
    Ah, well. To each his/her own. There are plenty of films out there which I love but I’m sure you’d hate! BTW, I haven’t been able to find Bank Manager on DVD or VCD either, despite much searching over the past few years.

    Am looking forward to your JW list. :-)

    Richard: I love that Agha-Minoo Mumtaz song too! Agha was so much fun.

  6. Richard, me going off-topic as usual- from which film is that photo of Suraiya you have on the top right corner?
    She looks lovely, but I don’t think I have ever see her like this before !

  7. Hi, Bawa. Yes, I am very fond of this screen cap myself. :) It’s from the movie Shair (1949). I have it listed on the page “About My Images and Avatar,” linked to in the pages list on the right sidebar. That page usually contains a listing of the credits for all my sidebar pics and my image header pic. Sometimes I lag behind in revising it, but usually by no more than 12 hours or a day.

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