6 comments on “Kumari Kamala in Naam Iruvar (1947) – The Whole Movie Is on YouTube!

  1. The first clip is very interesting from a historical perspective. The map of India includes what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh but not Burma and of course we see the old Indian National Congress flag.
    Also the clothes, the salwar kameez, nehru cap and the Jai Hind greeting very “un Tamil” so interesting for me to see. Later that went away–except for the Muslims who continued to wear the salwar kameez.. And now the salwar kameez is back.

    The bike song in the beginning looks like a Dev Anand clip and stylistically also something I am used to from Hindi cinema. Except Dev Anand came later.

  2. Sophy, thank you for pointing out the geographic/historical peculiarities, especially the map. I guess this movie was not made late enough in 1947 to take Partition into account? (BTW, looking up the history of Burma – which I admittedly know somewhat less about – I see that it ceased to be part of British India in 1937, though it did not become completely independent from Britain until 1948.)

    Watching this scene, I also was reminded of a Vyjayanthimala dance in a film that was made in 1953 (in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu versions, all the same year – with the same dances in all of them, if I’m not mistaken). This dance also had a scene with a map of India and some patriotic(?) lesson involved, and I thought the map would be different, considering the year. But maybe the map and lesson are historical references(?), because, unless I’m mistaken, at least in the version of the film/dance that I got hold of (i.e., the Telugu version), the map covers basically the same area:

  3. Hello Richard! Thanks for the reference and link. :) I made the same connection to the maps in the Sangham songs that you did, though I had only seen the clips under the film’s Tamil name Penn, so I’m very glad that I’ve now learned of the film’s Hindi name! Such charming, cute dances with great set pieces. I was also charmed by seeing Vyjayanthimala in another Penn song (that’s since been removed from YouTube) in which she wore a retro bikini and sporty athletic gear, which surprised me quite a bit! I took a screencap of it here, if you’re interested :) http://i595.photobucket.com/albums/tt39/MinaiMinai/vyjayanthi_penn_1954_9.jpg

  4. Minai, you are welcome for the reference and link, and I’m glad you didn’t mind my lifting that clip from your blog right after you posted it. :)

    And that’s great that you made the same connections I did between the map in Naam Iruvar and the one in Penn/Ladki/Sangham… This is pretty obscure territory, so to speak. :)

    That’s also an interesting photo of Vyjayanthimala in the “retro bikini,” not the kind of attire that I would normally associate with an early Vyjayanthimala film.

    claim that for some later movie, she didn’t want to photographed swimming in a bikiini or bathing suit? (I seem to recall something like that. And as you say, it’s a retro bathing suit, and not shown the way, say, Raj Kapoor liked to show a bathing suit).

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