2 comments on “Kamala in “Nan Unnai” vs. Padmini in “Mannavan Vanthandi”

  1. Who is the goof ball that keeps appearing in each video? He drove me crazy in the first one and I could not watch it anymore. The second one ..hmm I could not get past the idiotic context in which it was presented.

  2. What do you mean, “goof ball”? That’s Sivaji Ganesan!

    I’m not sure, either, what you mean by “idiotic context” for the second one… I guess the design was a little over-the-top for some tastes, but wasn’t that the style of these ’60s Tamil devotional films?

    By the way, I reviewed the movie that the second clip comes from, a year and nine months ago:


    I was actually quite impressed by Sivaji’s acting in that film. Maybe he looks goofy to you, but I think he’s very good!

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