2 comments on “RIP, Queen Harish (the World-Famous Rajasthani Folk Artist and “Dancing, Whirling Desert Drag Queen” Who Also Posted Comments on This Blog Close to Twelve Years Ago)

  1. Richard,
    This is an amazing coincidence. After I read your post, I realised I have seen Queen Harish perform at an official function at Jaisalmer about 2010. From your write-up it appears he was quite famous then too, but the organisers of the function didn’t introduce him adequately, except as a novelty item of a man doing an outstanding dance like a woman. Perhaps they didn’t know as much as you do, I was obviously clueless about him then. I checked up my folder, I have some nice pictures of him from that function. I must have some videos also somewhere, but I can’t locate them. I can mail you the pictures if you wish.

    The tragic death gives me an eerie feeling – to ‘know’ about him in such circumstances, after about 9-10 years, through your blog! It is a small world indeed. RIP Harish.

  2. AK, yes, it is a small world, and what you said about the “eerie feeling” is very interesting.

    Re. the pictures, thank you for the offer, but I think if those are your only pictures of Queen Harish, you should keep them. :) Unless you can make multiple copies, or reproduce them digitally somehow and send them electronically. (Though I like that you’re offering to send physical mail. Not many people want to do that anymore!) Of course, I am curious about what images you caught on film… And it would be very nice if you found those videos! (Then if you found a way to upload the videos and send them electronically, I’d be happy to put them on YouTube. :) )

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