2 comments on “Returning to “Hum Dekhenge” (and a Happy Upcoming Birthday to Faiz Ahmed Faiz!)

  1. What a lovely post to celebrate Faiz! And thanks for the comments about (and link to) my post.

    And thanks also for introducing me to the different language versions of Hum dekhenge. I found the Tamil one thanks to your comment on my post, and then found a Kannada one too. But the Malayalam version is new. And I love the one sung by Shahram – again, not a version I have come across before. Among recent ones, here is one that I like. I came to it via an article that commented on the irony of Coke Studio – a neo-liberal institution – co-opting what is essentially a leftist protest anthem!

    RE the IIT “anti-Hindu” controversy, I think it is the anti-Hindutva-ness of the song that is an issue. They’ve done their best to demonise Urdu, yet this song has been spreading like wildfire in India! Inquilab zindabaad, indeed!!! :)

  2. You’re welcome, Bollyviewer – regarding this post and my link to your post. And thank you for the compliment!

    I am happy to see that you liked the versions that I posted and especially that you loved the Shahram clip – I bet not many people know about that one.

    Thanks also for the Coke Studio video. I did glimpse it before, although I left it off my list. I do like parts of it a lot, though it’s a bit of a super-group hodge-podge – it reminds me in places of “We Are The World.” :)

    And I have noticed the ironies in Coke Studio before. It’s not just that they co-opted a leftist anthem… It’s a little odd to see someone singing a Sufi devotional number in front of a big bottle of Coca-Cola. But I guess it helps to popularize great things, and I have enjoyed an episode here and there.

    I can see how “Hum Dekhenge” has been taken as anti-Hindutva, though it’s silly to call it “anti-Hindu.” A lot of things are being considered anti-Hindutva now, right? I just read that they’re even attacking biryani!


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