6 comments on “I Dream of Ragini

  1. This one has tons of great songs and Ragini dances in most of them! Youtube has all the songs of the movie (which by the way is Yeh Dil Kisko Doon) – and they are the best part of the movie. Shashi plays an orphaned millionaire who wants to find love that isnt tainted by his money. So, he leaves his millions behind and becomes a “common” man on the street. He eventually lands up being general dogsbody in a circus where the leading lady (Ragini) falls for him. A cute story you’d think – but it doesnt quite work out. But the songs are very good.

  2. Bollyviewer, thanks for filling me in on this one. I’ll also amend the movie title in my post. I think I looked at all the dances in the film already :) , I’ll have to check to see if there are any that I missed.

    Beth, I guess your dreams would partly explain your association, mentioned in your blog, with an unofficial Shashi fan club?

  3. ‘Phir Aane Laga Yaad Wohi Pyar Ka Alam’ is a gem of a song by Rafi and Usha Khanna and Music by Iqbal Quereshi. And for Shashi Kapoor fans this song is not to be missed. His expressions are amazing and the song IS fabulous.

    There is another song in this movie,- ‘Humein Dam Daike’ fimed on Madhumati and Jayshree Gadkar. Different- —–they dont make them like this anymore….

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