3 comments on “Three with Zohrabai

  1. Zohrabai Ambalewali: good of you to post her songs. That quawali is well-known even today; I love its gentle question and answer: rather than “opposing” sides as in other competitions, here each line adds on to the sentiments of the earlier ones.

    Rajkumari was also goos. I think this will always be a big plus in Sonu Nigam’s favour in my view, that the first SaReGaMa programmes dug out all these geniuses who had been swept under the carpet and gave them some limelight, not too late, as so many of them then passed away. These people really knew about music and Rajkumari was so humble:


    I love this clip!

  2. Thanks, Bawa, that clip was sweet. I’ve watched that song that Rajkumari sang for Geeta Bali, which she does here. Bawre Nain…I have to find the movie sometime. She also had a big part in that great Mahal soundtrack, did several songs.

    Wikipedia says she fell onto hard times for a long time before Naushad picked her from a chorus while filming Pakeezah and gave her her own song there. (I can’t find a clip of it at the moment, though. I saw Pakeezah but can’t really place where her song might have been…)

    Anyway, I hope she was well enough appreciated, not feeling too swept under the carpet, in her later years.

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