4 comments on “Dreaming of the Lady Genie

  1. Ha ha! Helen rules over Barbara Eden any day, although I loved I Dream of Jeannie too.

    But in Hindi films (at least the ones I’ve seen) mostly genies are played by large bald men!

  2. Wow, Richard, revealing your inner fantasies. I never liked Barbara Eden’s Jeannie. As far as magic goes, though, I did like Bewitched. I felt that character used intelligence instead of the blind follow the master thing. I agree with Memsaab on Helen. And the bald men.

  3. Memsaab, these days I know that Helen rules over Barbara Eden :) , but I don’t know if I could choose between Helen and Samia. I guess Samia would naturally seem more authentic for the role, but Helen adds her own special touch.

    I’ve gathered that “large bald men” has been the more traditional idea of the genie in general. Though so far, I haven’t really gotten to see those genies in Hindi films…

  4. Hema, let’s be clear that these were inner fantasies from a long time ago! :)

    But in defense of Jeannie, I feel that she had to be more clever, because she probably got her way at least as much as Samantha, although she had to follow stricter guidelines from ancient traditions. Ultimately, the “follow the master thing” was just a formality, and Jeannie was much more clever than Major Nelson!

    That having been said, I also prefer Major Nelson to Darren in Bewitched. Though I don’t always love the military (LOL), I do think a U.S. astronaut is generally more interesting (and possibly more honest, at least by profession) than an advertising man (no offense to anyone out there ;) … And I found it annoying that halfway through the life of Bewitched, Darren somehow became a completely different guy. :)

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