4 comments on “Nimmi Now

  1. (The only problem with what Mala Sinha said in the first video is that Hawa mein udta jaaye was not picturised on Nimmi. :)

  2. Anu. yes. Poor Bimla – she never gets the credit that she deserves!

    And, yes, she does look happier than she ever did in her films. If she were really as miserable as many of the characters she played, she wouldn’t still be around at the age of 80.

    Muhsin, yes, she still has some of those sweet Nimmi features. Though to be honest, I think others within five or so years of her age (either way) have held up better – Sandhya, Vyjayanthimala, Kamala, Waheeda… Considering how much I’ve heard of the tragic tales of the ones who died in their late 30s, it’s nice to see pics of these other Golden Age actresses who appear to be doing quite well in the present. (Now, after I’ve said all that, please don’t anyone tell me that I missed an obit somewhere!)

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