9 comments on “Kite (Patang) Songs

  1. Good theme, Richard! The first song that popped into my head when I saw the title of your post was Chali chali re patang meri chali re, and then I couldn’t think beyond that. Until I scrolled through the songs you’d posted and realized I should’ve remembered plenty more. :-)

    Anyway, here’s one – just a couple of years before 1970 and not a song I like a lot for the music, but it’s an interestingly vivid celebration of spring and the spring festival of Baisakhi, which is – to a lot of people – not complete without some kite-flying. This one’s talking of a yellow kite afloat in the sky. Peeli-peeli sarson phooli, peeli udi patang from Upkaar:

  2. Lovely theme, Richard. And so perfect for the season. The first song that came to mind was Mere pyaare patang only because someone had recently sent it to me. :) It actually has real kites flying, unlike Piya main hoon patang.

    Another one, more recent – relatively – is from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam which focused on the kite festival. Lovely song, great picturisation.

  3. I landed here from Conversations over chai. I could only think of 3 songs from the title so I was curious about other patang songs. Nice collection here. I enjoyed all the songs. So which punjabi song you were referring to from the list ? Punjabi translator at your service :)

  4. Thanks for the good words, Madhu and Anu.

    Madhu, I agree with you regarding the song from Upkar (1967). It doesn’t have quite the charm of the other songs but it’s very nice watching this celebration scene – very colorful, of course.

    Anu, it is true that the list theme is perfect for the season – which season you captured so well in your latest post. :) I have been a little slow keeping up with blogs (other people’s as well as my own), so I just glimpsed your spring songs list and it’s a great one. I will get back to that sometime soon, and I’ll offer some comments, too (unless I run into technical difficulties)…

    The song you provided does have music and atmosphere from a much more current time, and I think I might have to retune my ears after all these other songs if I want to give it a really fair listen :) . (The funny thing with contemporary Bollywood music is that I can like really modern stuff with electronics and samples, etc., but I’m pretty “iffy” at first about most contemporary soundtracks – but they usually do grow on me.) The spectacle of the kite festival is certainly impressive.

  5. Neeru, thank you for the nice word, too! And sorry your comment got stuck for too long in the approval queue…

    If you would like to translate something for me, that would be great!

    I’m a fan of Zubaida Khanum, and the Punjabi song that I love from that “Patang” audio list is in an old Pakistani film (though I have also seen some versions in a few other places). I don’t think there’s any kite involved. There are hissing sounds at the beginning of the song, so I wondered if the “patang” refers to an insect – more like “patanga”? Just a guess (and you’ll let me know if I am completely off – thanks again!)…

    [Note five months later: I noticed that the video in this comment disappeared, but fortunately, I have a different copy that I can provide here, for anyone who is reading this now. This copy was supplied by Neeru.]

  6. The “patang” ref here has nothing to do with the kite or a moth IMHO, it is just an expression of a slim figure.
    Just as we say roti woti kha lo ( have a meal )
    Luck patla patang, ute gora gora rang, ( luck refers to the waist and hip area ) so she is slim, very fair, she wants to look yet a bit shy waiting for her beloved. She goes about telling two people that though she has tied up her hair in a braid, she will let her hair down but not for you, she is waiting for someone else. If you want the entire translation, I can jot down the words and translate, it is quite a fast number.

  7. Thanks for that (partial) translation! I don’t think it’s necessary to jot down all the details; I suspect that this song isn’t very complex.

    The guy who put together that “Patang” list on YouTube must not have been thinking too much about all the songs… Though he did take enough care to illustrate the audio clip for this song with a picture of a kite and string! Oh, well…

  8. I came across this song for the first time. Thought would add to your collection of kite songs. Hope you like it, once again, it’s in Punjabi and Guddi is another word for parang in Punjabi.

  9. Thank you, Neeru – that one fits this list very nicely.

    I didn’t know about this song before – which is strange, considering that I’ve posted at least five songs from this film in the past. :)



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