4 comments on “From Russia, Here’s The Mayuri Dance Group.

  1. Gorgeous!! I’m impressed.
    The girls suitably coy and the man not lagging behind in his imitation of a hindi film hero especially in the song ‘kya hua?’
    This song sounds wonderful, Which film is it from? Why haven’t I heard it before?

    Thanks Richard. I enjoyed these clips.

  2. Pacifist, glad you liked them! Yes, I’m getting to like this group a lot too.

    “Kya Hua” was the song that made me decide I had to do a post on them. The original is number eight of the ten favorite Ragini dances that I posted on December 16. It was from Dil Kisko Doon, music by Iqbal Qureshi; it was a Rafi-Asha duet over Shashi Kapoor and Ragini.

  3. Dear Richard,

    I came across this post in February and was very happy to know you liked the creativity of the dance group I belonged to for a very long time. If you are US-based, you might like to know that Mayuri group is coming to US in October to give several performances, starting with a show in Cary, NC on 22nd October and followed by a show in New-York on 25th of October.

    Please have a look at this video and a link below. It would be great if you or your friends could attend these events.



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